Lab Members

Graduate Students

Arik Hartmann (M.S. student starting Aug. 2019)

My research interests centers around pathogen and host interactions to better understand how host defenses, life history, and environment can influence disease susceptibility. I am particularly interested in how disease susceptibility changes with host ontogeny, especially in amphibians with more complex life cycles, such as newts. Additionally, I am passionate about community engagement and involvement in local conservation efforts, and educating the public about wildlife through outreach.

Sarah McGrath (Ph.D. student starting Aug. 2019)

My research interests center on discovering connections between the amphibian skin microbiome and host health with particular interest in the transfer of microbes between hosts, between hosts and their environment, and across reproduction.  I am also interested in the development of novel survey methods to better detect cryptic species, such a canopy dwelling treefrogs.  Other passions include science communication and outreach, which I believe are imperative for the continued development of science literacy!

Sam Shablin (Ph.D. student starting Aug. 2019, co-advised with Dr. Nick Keiser)

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Kelly Westfall (M.S. student – online Microbiology & Cell Sciences program)

I’m a Microbiology & Cell Sciences graduate student interested in wildlife epidemiology and conservation. I’m excited to be part of Dr. Longo’s research examining the growth properties of amphibian chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.

Undergraduate Students

Sage E. Grafe (Emerging Scholars Program)

Keara L. Clancy (University Scholars Program)


Maritsa Cruz-Muñoz, Ph.D.

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