Prospective Lab Members

Desired qualifications

I am looking for graduate students and postdocs with research experience and a quantitative background in amphibian disease ecology, genomics, transcriptomics, microbiomes, ecoimmunology, and fluorescence microscopy.


General Lab Expectations

I expect that all members in the Longo Lab will treat each other with respect and collegiality.


Undergraduate Students

Although the lab is not ready to perform any wet lab work, I have plenty of data and samples that need to be organized and analyzed. Please contact me if you want to become a volunteer during Fall 2018.

Graduate Students

I have several positions available for Fall 2019.


I have one position available in the lab with a flexible start date (~ January 2019). Other independent fellowships options are: NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships in Biology, Ford Foundation, Smith Fellows, among others. Please contact me to discuss how our interests align.